Wednesday, September 2, 2009

To Tweet or Not To Tweet, That... Is The Question

Earlier this month, Naamah from Aionic Thoughts posted that NCSoft was considering integrating social networking sites, such as Twitter, into Aion. On the positive side, it would make communicating with friends, both within and outside of the game, easier. From the opposite perspective, it kills whatever sense of immersion Aion brings to the table. (Just because people can have 3 feet tall characters and 2 feet wide heads doesn't mean it doesn't distract you from reality some way. XD)

Personally, I'm not for it. I play MMOs to enjoy time spent with virtual friends, so that way I can ignore the existence of my crazy-waffle real life ones. (Yes folks, I have friends, an amazing thought I know.)

So, how do you feel about it? Should NCSoft implement social networking into Aion?


  1. NO

    It kindof works in Champions because of the future/modernish feel to things. But it would remove immersion in a game like Aion.

  2. I want Twitter to die personally. Aion on facebook is one thing; but really Twitter is just a lazy persons deconstructed blog.