Saturday, September 5, 2009

"Multi"-Off Topic: Gaming Communities

Okay, so now that I have your attention.... This is my second Off Topic segment. Today's subject is Gaming Communities. To start things off, the newest Multiplaying Podcast Episode was just released, guest starring... BOURBON... I mean me! The podcast covers multiple blog posts (both within and outside of Multiplaying), Batman, Shaiya, Aion, TF2, Listener Feedback, drunken birthdays, spinach dip sandviches, and BOURBON.

(Okay, I'll stop, I promise lol) I really enjoyed participating in the podcast, and after we finished recording we proceeded onto Team Fortress 2 and had some sick fights on the Egypt map. (Woo! Go Offensive Engies!)

So, by now if you haven't figured it out yet, Multiplaying is one of my favorite gaming communities. Here is the strange thing however, with as much time as I've spent with them on forums, posting back and forth, chatting on gmail, and in-game... I never "officially" joined Multiplaying. Strange right?

You'd think that a blogger who is all about getting to know different communities would have joined by now, and yet for some odd reason, I hadn't. I couldn't figure out what was holding me back from joining until earlier today, when it suddenly hit me. Somehow, the "unwritten law of guilds" had invaded my brain, constantly reminding me that Multiplaying is essentially a guild, and I therefore couldn't join because I have obligations with Black Death.

Lemme guess, you're thinking something along the lines of "Where on earth did you get that preconceived notion?" Think about it, have you ever not joined a guild simply because you were already a member of a different one? Have you ever had the thought that you couldn't join other guilds because it was necessary to focus all of your attention on one at a time? I know I have, and its a very strange phenomenon. Where on earth did these "unwritten laws" develop, and how is it that some of us obey them?

Anyways, besides that theorycraft (which you should totally leave your thoughts about xD), I am proud to say that I am now a full fledged member of the Multiplaying community. I won't be playing Aion alongside them (after all, Black Death comes first), but its nice to know that I can be a full member of more than one community ("guild") at the same time.

Now go give the podcast a listen see, nyah see!


  1. No one game can contain us. :) Seriously though, we're a guild in Aion, but we have a very open TF2 group that has no guild commitments and like that, depending on the game, we're flexible with that jazz. We're freakishly laid-back and odd undefined.

  2. Heard your shout-out Rer. Cheers mate! :)