Saturday, September 19, 2009

Lazy Saturday Podcasts

*Yawns* Nothing like a good 14 hour nap. ^_^ So I get up this morning, flick on iTunes, and I realize I have 11 Podcasts to listen too. (My bad! I normally stay on top of them!) After listening to a few, and realizing I have absolutely nothing to write about today, I figure I'd do another Podcast Updates section.

Hehe, I have to give kudos where kudos are due. In episode nine, the Abyss mentioned how GameGuard was not going to be removed from the game (which at the time was correct, as numerous rumors were flying about). They quickly released Episode 9.5 to give their listeners the correct information, along with all of the other details of Head Start and Launch. Thanks for taking the time to do that guys, I'm sure your listeners appreciate it.

Ari and Dezi have done a joint interview with the hosts from the Abyss, Tony and Lori. They also introduce a new host, Melrose! Welcome to the Aion community. :D Besides that, they also mention all of the goodies of headstart, the lack 'o GameGuard, etc. Its definitely a great episode, so go give it a listen. Plus you just might find out something hilarious about The Abyss... (LOL JT!!)

The boys are back and discussing all things Aion! The gents discuss their thoughts on Open Beta, Head Start, Pre-Selection, Addons, and have a Gladiator discussion.

No actual update just yet. I promise you guys, we are not dead. Inergy just started having a life (the waffle!). Once things simmer down, we will be back in full force! BWoA =/= Podfade!!!

Sarc and Raim discuss Aion vs. WoW vs. WAR (Yes, they include my article :Db) in Episode #8 of the show. They also include their thoughts on Open Beta, all the while having hilarious banter between them. Give it a listen!

This, soon to be, episode doesn't actually pertain to Aion, but its definitely worth mentioning. The hosts of Multiplaying are going to have an exclusive interview the founder and CEO of Stardock!!! Stardock is a PC Gaming company that has released titles such as Galatic Civilizations I and II, Sins of a Solar Empire, and Demigod. The coolest part is they are openly accepting any questions you might have! If you've ever wanted to ask a gaming CEO a question, now is your chance!

Now if you'll excuse me, its lunchtime and I require a sammich.