Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Pwnt! Rer's Noob Moment!

Finally! I hit level 21, gear up, and hit the rifts! I'm excited to finally roast some Elyos *cough* pigeons *cough* and mark my place in the fields of battle! I'm gliding down merrily upon the main road towards different rift locations when suddenly roughly fifteen Elyos show up right in front of me. Awesome, my first major battle! Time to kick some waffle and show off mai skillz!

Here's what happens:
  1. I think to myself "Oh crap".
  2. I yell at my leveling partner on Ventrilo that an Elyos raid as appeared.
  3. I type out in general chat that an Elyos raid has appeared.
  4. I attempt to run the waffle away.
  5. ... I realize my keyboard cut out before I even started Step 2. Doh!
  6. After frantically reconnecting my keyboard, I accept my totally facerolled fate and have a good laugh about the whole thing.
Though some people may not enjoy guerilla warfare in PvE (otherwise known as ganking to some people), I find it very enjoyable, even in situations like this. Rift PvP keeps things interesting by breaking up your normal routine, its chaos! Suddenly, rather than frolicking through mobs and subsequently melting faces without a care in the world, I need to stay constantly alert of my surroundings. Not to mention some of the hilarious fights that occur, whether it be running away from a train of wolves while fighting a player to awesome chase scenes via gliding over cliffs... and then noticing you have no flight time left, double doh!

So, with all of this in mind I just wanted to shoot a personal thank you to the Elyos Guild Avalon for totally pwning my face and breaking up my Coin Quest grind. Who knows how brain dead I could have been had it not been for my rude awakening by your hands! Also, a specific member of Avalon emoted me (and only me) a lot... I'll keep his/her name private, but I have to ask... is he/she a fan of my blog? If so, a fan of my blog just kicked my waffle.... That's awesome!!

Now my dear reader, I ask you the following questions:
  • How have your Aion Rift PvP experiences been?
  • Have you had a noob moment in Aion yet?
  • Drop a comment!


  1. Not a fan, good luck with the blog and hope you have fun on Vaizel.

  2. My hopes! My dreams! Ah well XD, thanks for stopping by.

  3. Hey, glad we would make your day! >< And your attitude is awesome, more people should read your blog and learn a few things from it! PVP is supposed to be FUN.

  4. I'm still sub-20, so no PvP experience to speak of from Live. I definitely got crushed in CB by three Elyos while out grinding. I didn't even notice them come over the hill, and was quite confused as I watched my health drop. Asmodeans were quick to counter, so I was rezzed back in short order. Still, it was funny - just a little reminder of how the NPCs must feel when they get jumped unexpectedly XD

  5. I lol'd at "train of wolves". It's funny because it's SO TRUE. Half the time we're spending as much effort fighting the Asmos as we are fighting off the mobs that aggro on to us at the same time. XD It's mind boggling!

    I had my noob moment in CBT when I glided off Sanctum. Now let us never speak of it again.

    I like your blog, so I think I shall link you on ours. :D

  6. lol Emotes just show how much I care~ <3

  7. Noob moment: "Must gather the fifth aether in this cluster.. almost there... almost there... AAHHHHHHHH!!" *SPLAT!*

    I'm hard headed when it comes to quitting early...

  8. You and me both man XD, can't count how many times I've done that.