Thursday, September 17, 2009

Fort Times

Here's the deal, straight from the big Community Man Himself, Ayase:

I'm back with answers, guys. As I mentioned before, we are not going to be able to release an exact schedule. The Production team got back to me with what I'm able to say. Basically -- The Fortress system is not scheduled at specific times every day. Fortress’s have certain chances to become vulnerable at certain times all throughout the week. It is important to note that owning fortresses in Aion is meant to be a fluid war back and forth where you may own a fortress one day but not the next. Legions will have to be on their toes and rally back at times if they fail to defend. We specifically adjusted the peak times between the east, west and oceanic region because the wars do favor peak times (evenings and weekends). Our website will reflect fortress wars in real time so players can monitor the status of their fortress or find a time when another is vulnerable to attack

The end-all answer for any legion that is torn between East/West is that there's no perfect solution for you. Going for the West coast would probably be the slightly better choice, as the East-coasters would then need to stay up a bit later as opposed to the West-coasters getting up/off work early.

I know that this is not much more than what I told you earlier, but it's what we have for you now, and I hope that it's enough for you to make a decision for your legion.

Fantastic. Truly, I'm a happy Rer now ^_^. Thanks for getting this info Ayase.

By the way, according to Ayase Prime-Time should be generally thought of as 16:00-24:00 (4 PM to Midnight).

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