Monday, September 14, 2009

About Assassins...

Surprise! This is a REVERSE BLOG POST. /Gasp! Rather than me writing to you and you reading, I need you to write and I'll do the reading!

Recently I've been thinking about starting out as an Assassin rather than a Sorcerer (mostly due to playing Spy on TF2 and really enjoying myself). Under normal circumstances, I'd play through and try it out, but I've already done the beginning zones 5-6 times. Hence, to avoid burnout, I'm asking you, the reader, to give me your thoughts on the Assassin. Even if you only reached level 10, your opinion still counts. Did you enjoy yourself while you played it? Did you think leveling was a challenge/EZ-mode snorefest? Did you feel as though you brought something useful to a group setting? Just questions like that. Thanks in advance!!


  1. I started my Closed Beta 6 as an Assassin. Got to level 17. Combat is awesome. Combo's, CDs, all that jazz. Basicly. If you dont use all the stuff given to you (instead of WoWs Sinister Strike x5 > Eviscerate, I know thats not it but for noobs it is) you die. Period. Or well atleast I did. You need to use almost every CD you got, getting your gear (atleast weapons) to level with you (find new ones every 3-5 levels) or else you'll be in trouble <3


  2. Oh hurray! With no paste feature I need to re-write what I mistakenly posted on my blog... xD!

    I love the assassin class in the game, that main thing pushing my focus right now is school. -Being Blunt- Sorc's can generally kill mobs faster with minimal effort, whereas sins you start a mob pressing 3 skills and it taking a combination of 12 to actually kill it and not die yourself! By far I think it is challenging and time-cosuming class to play, but worth it - for being insanely fast movement wise and the wonderful crits you get to see continually.

  3. Yeah, sorry about the double post. It just popped into my head that I should ask others also, hence my post.

  4. ~Np! :) I love commenting - when I have stuff to actually write about...