Friday, September 18, 2009


Alright! After about 30 minutes of shaking and foaming at the mouth, the login servers started working and I've finished my characters! :D So without further adieu...



Rer has once again transcended into my next MMO. He has been in WoW as a Mage, WAR as a Magus, and now Aion as a Sorcerer. Just as with people, old habits die hard. Rer is still known as the World's Greatest Floor Taster, and constantly breaks his own CC for amusement.


Eirikr is new to my gaming scene. His name and looks are based off of my Norse heritage. I'm still undecided on whether I'll roll as a Gladiator or Templar with him, but I'm nonetheless very excited to play him. Previously, I had an Arms Warrior (Specializes in 2h Weapons) in WoW, but sadly I didn't enjoy him very much due to Warriors being insanely gear dependent. Hopefully that won't be such a large issue in Aion.

Finally, make sure not to sneeze during Character Creation, thus leading to a catastrophic chain of... of...


Waffles! Someone call in a GM! (Thanks to Calica from AionSource for creating this.) So, did you get your character's names? Everything look good? Post a link/tell me about your character.


  1. Nice characters, here's mine.

    Love Eirikr, brilliant name.

  2. Lykopis, nice! Looks really cool and fits the name well. :D

    Thanks for the compliment! Added to my Blogroll.

  3. Added you to my listing too ^^ Thanks for the link.

  4. Which server did you select?


  5. 'fraid I'm not allowed to reveal that information just yet. Guild politics you see.