Thursday, September 10, 2009

Hot Off The Presses

A week ago, NCSoft (in partnership with DC Comics) released Avia's Story a comic about a young Asmodian who pretty much loses everything thanks to an Elyos, and then later on ascends as a Daeva. Sadly, the download they had for the comic has been removed. Nonetheless, it was a good comic, so make sure to surf the interwebz for it and keep an eye out for the second issue.

Even better however, today Aion MMO released their first Aion GamerZine Magazine. Its totally free, opens in Adobe, and is very high quality and professional. Give it a quick lookover when you have the time, you won't be disappointed.

Sidenote: Today marks my blog's monthiversary! To make things even better, I've hit 2000 visits! :D Thanks everyone.


  1. Good job on your 2k visits. My Aion blog has already surpassed the visits on my WAR blog, and it really motivates you knowing people are actually reading it, and you only have room to grow with the population of Aion compared to the decline in WAR.

  2. Exactly. Its wonderful seeing how active the Aion community is.