Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Some Advice

First off...
DING 30.

Now then, I'm in no way stating that because I'm level 30 I've magically become some guru of Aion, but I figured now would be a good time to look back and give some short advice to people, just random tidbits here and there. (Holy waffle that was one sentence?! Yeesh XD) Anyways..

  • The quest "[Coin] Nip Spriggs in the Bud" requires you to kill Gatherers and Wardens, not Hunters.
  • If you're willing to take the risk, you can actually run/glide through most of the elite mobs when doing the final stage of the "Destroying the Curse" and chuck the necklace into the lava without having to fight through anything. Bringing a friend with you might make this easier.
  • The quest "Speaking Baluar" asks you to do the following: attack a Draconute (Assaulter?), lower it down to roughly 20%, and then bring it to the quest NPC without killing it. You'll know you've done it right when a cut-scene appears.
  • For "Captured Comrades" just run. The quest doesn't show a timer, but the NPCs appear to despawn after a certain period of time. Just grab your NPC and hoof it over (don't fly) to the checkpoint. Simply CC any mobs that chase you should it prove necessary.
  • The quest "Looking for Leibo" requires you to use an Artifact to reach the island, which requires a key to activate. The key can either be crafted by a 199 Alchemist, or alternatively bought for 150 thousand kinah. (Gee, I wonder which one to pick...)
The Abyss:
  • If you plan on grinding in the Abyss the repeatable quest "Don't Fear the Reaper" is your best bet. The island (which is the furthest South-West one) has a tower, so spawning your personal Kisk there and grinding it out works quite well. Just remember to not aggro the reapers in the air, because they will attempt to stun you for 3 seconds if you are flying, possibly resulting in you falling and taking damage.
  • If you're grinding out in an area with a tower near, going solo is fine. However, if you are attempting quests where you don't have a safety net, going solo is just asking for trouble. (Waffling pigeon flocks <3)
  • CC first, kill later. Make this your mantra in the Abyss. I say this because it it so easy for players to run away, or counter your attacks with their own CC, that keeping control of the situation will be vital to your success. Hence, personally I never DoT my targets as it prevents me from keeping sustained CC effects active.
  • Flight Potions and Flight Speed Scrolls are a must have if you want to be competitive with other players. Using rings to your advantage is great and all, but nothing beats being able to increase your flight time and speed with the click of a button. Note that the Reaper repeatable quest actually gives players a random scroll upon each turn in, so you could get scrolls that way also.
  • If you're getting sick of being owned by the opposite faction (lets face it, it happens to everyone), take some time off from the Abyss and go to a PvE/Rift zone for awhile. Once you've cooled down, head on back into the fray. You need to remember that you're playing this game to have fun, so keeping a positive attitude is important.
  • Undercutting on the Auction House may seem like a simple and splendid way to make a quick buck, but you may be regretting it when the market tanks to sub-par profit levels. Surprisingly enough, if you take the time to whisper your competitors and ask them to sell within a certain price range, most of them will agree. This in turn guarantees mutual benefit, along with keeping the economy stable for future sales and purchases. (Though obviously you won't be able to contact everyone, it is still worth at least trying.)
  • Low on Cash? Grind out mobs that you know drop grey items (like the Reapers ;D). You'd be surprised how much 100 Grey Items can sell for. Also, always try to sell items rather than vendor them. Even white items that you consider useless will probably sell for double the vendor price.
Common Courtesy:
  • Accidents with mobs, nodes, and quest items are bound to happen. However, that doesn't excuse purposely stealing someone's kill/node/item for your own gain. It just isn't cool and shouldn't be tolerated.
  • See someone dead next to you or in need of assistance? Stop watching and start helping! Even if you have to use a rezz stone or risk dying on behalf of some stranger, its the right thing to do and you know it. Who knows? Maybe some time down the road that person will be saving your sorry feathered behind.
(Insert Comment Tips Here):
  • Have something I missed that you feel others should know? Well tell me! I'll post it here for all to see.
  • From Eskavars: Gathering successes and failures are largely based on your skill relative to the item you are gathering. For example, if you are gathering an item that requires 150 skill, and your skill is only 150, you may encounter some trouble. From the opposite side, if you are gathering an item that requires only 100, you shouldn't fail on it whatsoever.
  • From Theladas: Your ability to error on a craft seems to disappear by 10 points over the minimum to craft it. So, if you're planning on crafting some pretty gear at level 28, say, make sure you're at least 10 points above the highest-difficulty item to ensure success on all crafts.
Lol, thanks for taking the time to browse through the post.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

First Instance Experience

So, I finished the Nochsana Training Camp instance a little while ago. It really reminds me of WoW's Scarlet Monastery in that it isn't overly difficult, there are a lot of mobs to kill, and the experience is freaking awesome.
The instance is on an 18 hour lockout timer, so definitely do it whenever you get the chance. Make sure you also grab the three quests for the instance before heading in. The theme is sort of based on what a Fortress raid would be like. You start out killing mobs while working your way to the Artifact outside. Then you go through the main courtyard, and destroy the Aether Field Generator. Finally, you bang down the main door with some siege weapons and face the general. Nothing too difficult.

Should you triumph over these challenges, you will end up with some good loot and easily half a level of expierence. Just make sure that when you are fighting the bosses that no one is dead when they drop, otherwise they won't recieve credit for the kill. (Which in retrospect isn't such a bad thing, because they'll be going back for more experience again later anyways.) The instance shouldn't take you too long, and its a great way to meet new people. Who knows? You may end up meeting some great people, just like I did. (Sidenote: Too many pictures lately, or okay? Drop a comment.)


"Its Big" ~ Rer

If you haven't already been to the Abyss, I won't spoil anything for you... but here's some eye-candy.

This zone, is by far the hugest thing I have ever seen in my gaming career. Not only that, but it is also one of the most visually impressive. Whether I'm farming mobs for experience or killin' pigeons for chicken wings, I can't help but take in some of the beauty of this zone.

From a PvP perspective, the term "zerg" definitely comes to mind. However, because the zone is so big, the zergs are easily avoidable. This allows players to sneak off into smaller scale combat whenever they choose. That's the glory of this zone, all types of PvP are available upon request. As some have pointed out, griefing and ganking does occur every now and then, but if players are willing to put in a little effort, they are easy situations to overcome. I haven't had to chance to assault a Fortress yet (because it'd be a suicide run with such low level characters), so I can't give any comments about those just yet.

Here's Some More Abyss Eye-Candy:

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Pwnt! Rer's Noob Moment!

Finally! I hit level 21, gear up, and hit the rifts! I'm excited to finally roast some Elyos *cough* pigeons *cough* and mark my place in the fields of battle! I'm gliding down merrily upon the main road towards different rift locations when suddenly roughly fifteen Elyos show up right in front of me. Awesome, my first major battle! Time to kick some waffle and show off mai skillz!

Here's what happens:
  1. I think to myself "Oh crap".
  2. I yell at my leveling partner on Ventrilo that an Elyos raid as appeared.
  3. I type out in general chat that an Elyos raid has appeared.
  4. I attempt to run the waffle away.
  5. ... I realize my keyboard cut out before I even started Step 2. Doh!
  6. After frantically reconnecting my keyboard, I accept my totally facerolled fate and have a good laugh about the whole thing.
Though some people may not enjoy guerilla warfare in PvE (otherwise known as ganking to some people), I find it very enjoyable, even in situations like this. Rift PvP keeps things interesting by breaking up your normal routine, its chaos! Suddenly, rather than frolicking through mobs and subsequently melting faces without a care in the world, I need to stay constantly alert of my surroundings. Not to mention some of the hilarious fights that occur, whether it be running away from a train of wolves while fighting a player to awesome chase scenes via gliding over cliffs... and then noticing you have no flight time left, double doh!

So, with all of this in mind I just wanted to shoot a personal thank you to the Elyos Guild Avalon for totally pwning my face and breaking up my Coin Quest grind. Who knows how brain dead I could have been had it not been for my rude awakening by your hands! Also, a specific member of Avalon emoted me (and only me) a lot... I'll keep his/her name private, but I have to ask... is he/she a fan of my blog? If so, a fan of my blog just kicked my waffle.... That's awesome!!

Now my dear reader, I ask you the following questions:
  • How have your Aion Rift PvP experiences been?
  • Have you had a noob moment in Aion yet?
  • Drop a comment!

Aion Needs You...

So lets face it, Aion is pretty much the best, the creme de la creme, the waffling waffle. You know that, and I know that... but sadly a few people don't know that. Naysayers, anti-fan-bois, and hatoradetors (yeah, made that word up, but you know it makes sense) still exist. On the day of Aion's launch for all, now more than ever, its our duty to stop the spread of ignorance about Aion.

Tell your friends, and hated foes alike, about how much you like Aion, and when you do tell them, tell them the right way. Whether it be a WoW player, a total newbie, or a person who hates MMOs, you need to follow these steps:

1. Know Your Material

The moment you slip up, oddly pause, or give false information, your opponent is going to notice. Make sure to have an idea of what you want to mention ahead of time. That way, should the conversation arise, you're prepared. Expect the unexpected, and try to remember both the large and small.

2. Be Detailed

When someone says "Aion is just a Korean Grindfest", your response shouldn't be "No its not". It should be, "I can prove its not through x, y, and z". If you route your opponents questions, and then show evidence to support your claims, you are almost guaranteed victory. Also, should the situation present itself, remind your opponent of something that Aion either has or lacks that gives it an edge over other MMOs.

3. Acknowledge Defeat

You can't win them all. Rather than turning the converstion into a heated debate, as fun as those can be from time to time, its better to lick your wounds and move on. Some people will just not listen to what you have to say, no matter how persuasive and informative you are about Aion. It is also important to note that Aion isn't everyone's cup of tea. If someone says they've done their research and aren't interested, don't badger them about it. Respect their opinion and stop discussing it.


Perhaps you're thinking, "Gee... isn't this obvious"? Too a degree yes, but I mention this for a reason. Aion is a fantastic game, and its truly worthy of being one of the greatest MMOs in history. I'm not saying Aion won't be successful without your 2 or 3 friends (or in some cases 20-30), but each person we bring into the wonderful world of Atreia is another person we can enjoy it with, which in turn leads to Aion receiving more fame amongst its competition. NCSoft has released an amazing game to a global audience, all it needs now is a strong and informed recruiting force... you.

Disclaimer~ Yes, I realize Mages can only wear plate helmets. ;) I also realize that this post is pretty darn fan-boish, but I base it off of my extreme enjoyment of Aion thus far, along with solid evidence to support my claims of Aion's serious awesomeness.
Sidenote~ Ding, 20.

Monday, September 21, 2009



Lol, just thought I'd give a quick update on my launch experience. Other than two small disconnects, the launch went without a hitch. Very little lag, crashes, bugs, etc. So far the community seems pretty awesome, mostly a fairly mature and friendly crowd. Which reminds me, I'm rolling on Vaizel if anyone is curious. Ironically enough, I almost wound up on Triniel also, but I couldn't let poor Ari from Aion's World be all alone. ;) As of right now, I'm chillin' at level 16, just getting my crafting up. That's a big tip by the way, don't let your Aether/Gathering skills fall behind, you'll hate yourself later on.

Hopefully some of you guys are on Vaizel also. Feel free to drop me a whisper if you wanna say hi or give me feedback, I'd love to hear from ya. Now if you'll excuse me, there's an uncooked Otombliss Salad that's calling me for assistance!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

So It Begins...


Sunday! Sunday! Sunday! Man, I haven't been this excited in a long time. Today is the day that all Pre-Orders get to experience the wonderful world of Atreia, and this time, its fo realz yo!

So naturally, I figured before you stop reading this blog for a few days due to your non-stop gaming (its cool, I get it), I'd throw out a few quick tips.

First off, Follow the Sniper's Three Standards:

Couldn't have said it better myself Sniper... though calling your parents while working might not be such a great idea. Personally, I'm turning my phone off.

Second, Try To Make Friends:

Sure, you may have an awesome guild like I do, but that's no excuse to not make new friends. Just talk with people. It doesn't have to be a pow-wow sit down about your childhood memories, but a little chit-chat between people will help you become a part of the community fast. Once people know you, you can start to make friends, earn respect, and overall enjoy your gaming experience more.

Finally, Obey The "Don't Rules" At All Times:
  • Don't Try To Impress People With Words, Let Your Actions Speak For Themselves
  • Don't Ever Killsteal, Nothing Will Label You As A Jerk Faster
  • Don't Start A Barrens Chat (Referring to World of Warcraft), Meaning No Discussions Of: Politics, Religion, Other MMOs, Your E-Peen, Chuck Norris, Etc. In Region Chat
  • Don't Start Drama, Just... Don't
Follow these tips and you'll be flying high in no time.
Have fun out there guys!

Side-Note: I have to take a test in few hours before the game launches.... Seriously?! Who makes you take a test on a bloody Sunday!!! Q_Q

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Lazy Saturday Podcasts

*Yawns* Nothing like a good 14 hour nap. ^_^ So I get up this morning, flick on iTunes, and I realize I have 11 Podcasts to listen too. (My bad! I normally stay on top of them!) After listening to a few, and realizing I have absolutely nothing to write about today, I figure I'd do another Podcast Updates section.

Hehe, I have to give kudos where kudos are due. In episode nine, the Abyss mentioned how GameGuard was not going to be removed from the game (which at the time was correct, as numerous rumors were flying about). They quickly released Episode 9.5 to give their listeners the correct information, along with all of the other details of Head Start and Launch. Thanks for taking the time to do that guys, I'm sure your listeners appreciate it.

Ari and Dezi have done a joint interview with the hosts from the Abyss, Tony and Lori. They also introduce a new host, Melrose! Welcome to the Aion community. :D Besides that, they also mention all of the goodies of headstart, the lack 'o GameGuard, etc. Its definitely a great episode, so go give it a listen. Plus you just might find out something hilarious about The Abyss... (LOL JT!!)

The boys are back and discussing all things Aion! The gents discuss their thoughts on Open Beta, Head Start, Pre-Selection, Addons, and have a Gladiator discussion.

No actual update just yet. I promise you guys, we are not dead. Inergy just started having a life (the waffle!). Once things simmer down, we will be back in full force! BWoA =/= Podfade!!!

Sarc and Raim discuss Aion vs. WoW vs. WAR (Yes, they include my article :Db) in Episode #8 of the show. They also include their thoughts on Open Beta, all the while having hilarious banter between them. Give it a listen!

This, soon to be, episode doesn't actually pertain to Aion, but its definitely worth mentioning. The hosts of Multiplaying are going to have an exclusive interview the founder and CEO of Stardock!!! Stardock is a PC Gaming company that has released titles such as Galatic Civilizations I and II, Sins of a Solar Empire, and Demigod. The coolest part is they are openly accepting any questions you might have! If you've ever wanted to ask a gaming CEO a question, now is your chance!

Now if you'll excuse me, its lunchtime and I require a sammich.

Friday, September 18, 2009


Alright! After about 30 minutes of shaking and foaming at the mouth, the login servers started working and I've finished my characters! :D So without further adieu...



Rer has once again transcended into my next MMO. He has been in WoW as a Mage, WAR as a Magus, and now Aion as a Sorcerer. Just as with people, old habits die hard. Rer is still known as the World's Greatest Floor Taster, and constantly breaks his own CC for amusement.


Eirikr is new to my gaming scene. His name and looks are based off of my Norse heritage. I'm still undecided on whether I'll roll as a Gladiator or Templar with him, but I'm nonetheless very excited to play him. Previously, I had an Arms Warrior (Specializes in 2h Weapons) in WoW, but sadly I didn't enjoy him very much due to Warriors being insanely gear dependent. Hopefully that won't be such a large issue in Aion.

Finally, make sure not to sneeze during Character Creation, thus leading to a catastrophic chain of... of...


Waffles! Someone call in a GM! (Thanks to Calica from AionSource for creating this.) So, did you get your character's names? Everything look good? Post a link/tell me about your character.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

3...2...1... Oh, Here Is What We Are Doing


As we draw closer to tomorrow I wanted to give everyone a brief update on the progress of our live version. We are excited to announce that we will be serving out the final update for you to patch within the next few hours. You will be able to use this version for both our Preselection and our Head Start. We are very excited with our final product and think that you will be as well! Below are the release notes for the patch you will see later today:

- Aion now features all three languages French, German and English. To select your language simply right click on Aion within your launcher and go to Properties->Language Options. Please select which languages you wish to download and which you wish Aion to display.

- After analyzing our open beta test results Aion will not feature GameGuard at launch. We will however continue to pursue ways to effectively utilize GameGuard within Aion in the future. Right now we're focused on providing players with the best possible Aion experience.

- The level cap is now level 50 (previously 45).

- Players will be able to reserve 2 character names during Preselection and create 8 characters in total once Head Start begins and beyond.

- Channels will be set to 10 instances for the beginning 2 zones of each faction. Please note that these will be lowered as characters progress and spread throughout Atreia.

Perhaps I'll learn how to speak French while kicking crepes? (U c whut I did thar? xD Vous voyez que j'ai fait là? )
10 Channels = Also Win! No overcrowded starting zones!

Hot waffles with strawberry syrup today has turned out to be an awesome day! I'm getting more and more excited for launch! How about you guys? All systems go? Any questions, comments, or concerns before they hit the shiny red button?

Fort Times

Here's the deal, straight from the big Community Man Himself, Ayase:

I'm back with answers, guys. As I mentioned before, we are not going to be able to release an exact schedule. The Production team got back to me with what I'm able to say. Basically -- The Fortress system is not scheduled at specific times every day. Fortress’s have certain chances to become vulnerable at certain times all throughout the week. It is important to note that owning fortresses in Aion is meant to be a fluid war back and forth where you may own a fortress one day but not the next. Legions will have to be on their toes and rally back at times if they fail to defend. We specifically adjusted the peak times between the east, west and oceanic region because the wars do favor peak times (evenings and weekends). Our website will reflect fortress wars in real time so players can monitor the status of their fortress or find a time when another is vulnerable to attack

The end-all answer for any legion that is torn between East/West is that there's no perfect solution for you. Going for the West coast would probably be the slightly better choice, as the East-coasters would then need to stay up a bit later as opposed to the West-coasters getting up/off work early.

I know that this is not much more than what I told you earlier, but it's what we have for you now, and I hope that it's enough for you to make a decision for your legion.

Fantastic. Truly, I'm a happy Rer now ^_^. Thanks for getting this info Ayase.

By the way, according to Ayase Prime-Time should be generally thought of as 16:00-24:00 (4 PM to Midnight).

To Help Pass The Time

As most of you know by now, I was formerly a WAR blogger. These days I don't play WAR much, but I still keep in touch with past bloggers to see how they are doing. (Though admittedly I wouldn't have stumbled upon this had it not been for Multiplaying)

Bootae from Bootae's Bloody Blog has come up with a very interesting idea. What is your "Ultimate MMO Group"? The concept is simple enough, but I honestly had to give it some thought before I came up with my final decision. If you're bored and need something to distract you for a few minutes, check it out.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Aussies Got Their Wish

Nezekan Is The Oceanic Server

Granted its a little late, but better late than never right? The only thing I'm not diggin' are the words "event schedule".

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A Head Start Look At Head Start

Aion's Head Start is right around the corner. Details surrounding the Preselection Program of Aion were very recently announced, but is only one of the benefits of preordering. Those of you who preordered the game will very soon not only be able to access Preselection, where they can create characters and reserve names, but also to leap into the game and explore the world before everyone else. Head Start opens up Aion's full feature set and allows preorder buyers to play the game just as if it was released a couple of days earlier.

Head Start begins on September 20th 12:00 p.m. PDT (more) and runs until release. The official release date of Aion is on September 22nd in North America and September 25th in Europe.

Guess I'll sleep in on Sunday? xD I already have my Names and Screenshots of Sliders ready to go for Preselection, so I'm REARIN' TO TAKEOFF!!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Truely Unacceptable

I'm sorry if you aren't in the mood for a hatorade post folks, but this warrants one. Big time.

Currently, it appears as though Forts will only be accessable during your servers' prime-time hours. Hence, if you don't live in your servers' Time Zone you lose out on the already small chance to enjoy endgame PvP. Hell, I'm being selfish, the poor Aussies don't even have their own bloody server, so they get zero chance to realistically partake in Fort Captures/Defenses due to time differences. Ayase has told us that he doesn't have the official times yet, and a full article is currently in the works... but from what I've read so far, things don't look good. I recently left WAR, and one of the key reasons I chose to come to Aion was to enjoy PvP more. Timeblocked events do not do that for me. Perhaps I'm overreacting and things will come out just peachy keen, but it sure doesn't look that way right now.

For more information, check out this thread on Aionsource.

About Assassins...

Surprise! This is a REVERSE BLOG POST. /Gasp! Rather than me writing to you and you reading, I need you to write and I'll do the reading!

Recently I've been thinking about starting out as an Assassin rather than a Sorcerer (mostly due to playing Spy on TF2 and really enjoying myself). Under normal circumstances, I'd play through and try it out, but I've already done the beginning zones 5-6 times. Hence, to avoid burnout, I'm asking you, the reader, to give me your thoughts on the Assassin. Even if you only reached level 10, your opinion still counts. Did you enjoy yourself while you played it? Did you think leveling was a challenge/EZ-mode snorefest? Did you feel as though you brought something useful to a group setting? Just questions like that. Thanks in advance!!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Aion vs. WAR vs. WoW

Alright... here we go. *Cracks Knuckles* The big one. The post of all posts. Just for you, Sarc and Raim from MMO Weakly.

The Game Comparison Post

First off, Disclaimers! :D Everything you read in this article is solely based on my personal gaming experiences and opinions. Take what you read with a grain of salt, and then form your own opinion.

Next up, Explanation. So, this is how I've decided to do my article. I've broken the games down into different segments. There will be a winner for each category, along with an explanation of what the other two have going for them. Please note that this post will take me a long time to finish. Don't assume that what you are reading now is the final draft, because it probably isn't.

Story, Winner: Tie Between Aion and WoW

I'm sorry, but I just can't pick one over the other. Both games have fantastic main story lines along with detailed subplots and side stories. I deeply enjoy the lore within WoW and Aion, and in the end it really just comes down to personal preference. Both games give players a deep sense of immersion and reason, whereas in WAR you were just another grunt in the zerg. Oddly enough, both games also feature two factions that hate each other, along with a 3rd faction that wants to wipe out both entirely (in WoW's case there are many, such as: the Scourge at the moment, the Burning Legion, and the Black Dragonflight).

Servers, Winner: Indeterminable

Assuming that Aion's servers launch without too many issues, and those issues are resolved in a timely manner, I give this category to Aion. During the Closed Beta, I never had lag, not once. I never crashed to desktop, rubberbanded, etc. Even on the Chinese Servers, I'm able to play without a hitch. I suppose with time WoW could be the potential victor in this category, it all depends on how Aion's servers do during the first few months. I'll be able to make a more informed decision then... and don't even get me started on WAR. /ick

Combat, Winner: Tie Between Aion and WAR

The reason why there is no sole winner is because both Aion and WAR utilize interactivity in their gameplay. Both games require players to always be alert, mobile, and reactionary. While WoW may force players to be somewhat reactionary in PvP, it pales in comparison to Aion and WAR overall. I enjoy this because it forces players to think on their feet, rather than standing still casting fireball over and over.

Graphics, Winner: Aion

Now, for some odd reason, people think WoW looks better than Aion. Personally, I think said people are insane. However, this category is extremely bias because it, once again, comes down to personal preference. I think the world of Atreia looks absolutely gorgeous, with Warhammer not too far behind. WoW just looks dated and cartoony in comparison. It was good while it had little competition, but now that my eyes have opened to the large world of MMOs... WoW's graphics have lost their luster.

Character Customization, Winner: Aion

More options, more sliders, more details, and the character looks better than in other MMOs. You can also change the look and sex of your character at the "plastic surgeon" in town, free of reality currency. Aion also has the ability to take the stats of one piece of gear and fuse it with the look of another. Dyes have also been implemented. Nothing else really needs to be said.

PvP, Winner: Aion

Aion takes WARs RvR system, and then improves upon it:
  • A 3rd NPC Faction for the sake of balance.
  • Enormous lakes for players to fight in.
  • PvE right alongside PvP without distracting from the PvP.
  • Portable Respawn Locations.
  • Flight Mechanic.
  • Player Ranking System and Rewards.
  • Rift Combat for smaller group Guerrilla Warfare.
  • Arenas in the Main Cities.
  • Let's be honest, WoW isn't known for its PvP, and WAR's is lacking some key components.
Crafting, Winner: Aion

Aion's Crafting has a lot going for it:
  • All items are Bind on Equip.
  • Gathering is universal.
  • Crafted Items are useful while leveling, and not a waste of space.
  • Crafting is expensive, challenging, and detailed.
  • WoW's Crafting isn't bad, but items are only useful once players have maxed out their skill and have reached raiding/endgame.
  • WAR's Crafting is just plain sad. It is much too easy and un-innovative.
  • Etc. (Read my past Closed Beta Reviews for more on Crafting).
Endgame/Raids, Winner: Indeterminable

It wouldn't be fair for me to make a call on this because I haven't experienced Aion's endgame yet. WoW certainly is strong in this category, with WAR in last place.


By now, you may be thinking something along the lines of "Geeze, could Rer be any more fan-boish towards Aion?", and to be honest, I'd say you have a point. At the moment, I still have yet to fully experience Aion. A few months down the road, I may change my mind about some segments. However, please keep in mind that I did try to remain objective throughout this post. I have no bad feelings towards WoW or WAR (okay... maybe a few towards WAR), and I based my winners solely on my personal perceptions and experiences, and hence they are by no means gospel. To sum things up in one sentence: "Aion may not be groundbreaking in the MMO Universe, but it does bring some of the best aspects of other MMOs together in a beautiful harmony." By the way, if you've managed to actually read this far, you deserve a cookie. <3

That's All For Now

If you have a subject that you want covered that I missed, please, leave a comment. I'd be happy to add it to the post. My apologies if I missed something totally obvious (which I probably did considering its 3 in the morning and I'm on my 4th Sunkist of the day).

Friday, September 11, 2009

3rd Video Podcast

NCSoft just released their third Video Podcast "East Meets West". Nothing too groundbreaking, but it does help show how Aion is definitely not some Korean Grind MMO. Check it out here. (Don't worry, despite the website the video is in English)

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Hot Off The Presses

A week ago, NCSoft (in partnership with DC Comics) released Avia's Story a comic about a young Asmodian who pretty much loses everything thanks to an Elyos, and then later on ascends as a Daeva. Sadly, the download they had for the comic has been removed. Nonetheless, it was a good comic, so make sure to surf the interwebz for it and keep an eye out for the second issue.

Even better however, today Aion MMO released their first Aion GamerZine Magazine. Its totally free, opens in Adobe, and is very high quality and professional. Give it a quick lookover when you have the time, you won't be disappointed.

Sidenote: Today marks my blog's monthiversary! To make things even better, I've hit 2000 visits! :D Thanks everyone.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Serious kudos to NCSoft. Their newest Press Release (which isn't only on Twitter :D) covers lag, GameGuard, Login Issues, Beta Forum Issues, and Open Beta Keys.

If you haven't already, make sure to check it out here.

Also, tell your friends that Fileplanet is giving away more Open Beta Keys! You don't even have to be a paying subscriber! Move fast because I doubt supplies will last long!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Technical Difficulties

Captain: "Run a diagnostics check Jimmy."
Jimmy: "All systems are go Captain."
Captain: "Are we on schedule?"
Jimmy: "Yes Captain, we are prepped and ready for launch."
Captain: "Excellent. Clear the launch bay."

Loudspeaker: 3... 2... 1...


Captain: "Son of a waffle, Jimmy, status report!"
Jimmy: "The missile is completely locked in Captain, our only choice is to disable its Firewall."
Captain: "Jimmy, are you mad?! Without our Firewall the nuke will never make it safely into orbit!"
Jimmy: "Its our only shot at being on time Captain!"
Captain: "Very well, disable our Firewall."

Loudspeaker: 3... 2... 1... LIFTOFF.

The Next Day

News Anchorman: "In a shocking display, a nuclear explosion completely destroyed a research facility in Seattle, Washington. As of right now, there are no survivors."

Obviously I'm over exaggerating, but nonetheless it appears as though Open Beta isn't running as smoothly as it should be. It is important to note however that this happens with almost every new MMO. Hopefully NCSoft will have fixed the numerous current issues within the Open Beta before launch... along with realizing that Twitter does not subsitute for a press release on their Official Site.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

"Multi"-Off Topic: Gaming Communities

Okay, so now that I have your attention.... This is my second Off Topic segment. Today's subject is Gaming Communities. To start things off, the newest Multiplaying Podcast Episode was just released, guest starring... BOURBON... I mean me! The podcast covers multiple blog posts (both within and outside of Multiplaying), Batman, Shaiya, Aion, TF2, Listener Feedback, drunken birthdays, spinach dip sandviches, and BOURBON.

(Okay, I'll stop, I promise lol) I really enjoyed participating in the podcast, and after we finished recording we proceeded onto Team Fortress 2 and had some sick fights on the Egypt map. (Woo! Go Offensive Engies!)

So, by now if you haven't figured it out yet, Multiplaying is one of my favorite gaming communities. Here is the strange thing however, with as much time as I've spent with them on forums, posting back and forth, chatting on gmail, and in-game... I never "officially" joined Multiplaying. Strange right?

You'd think that a blogger who is all about getting to know different communities would have joined by now, and yet for some odd reason, I hadn't. I couldn't figure out what was holding me back from joining until earlier today, when it suddenly hit me. Somehow, the "unwritten law of guilds" had invaded my brain, constantly reminding me that Multiplaying is essentially a guild, and I therefore couldn't join because I have obligations with Black Death.

Lemme guess, you're thinking something along the lines of "Where on earth did you get that preconceived notion?" Think about it, have you ever not joined a guild simply because you were already a member of a different one? Have you ever had the thought that you couldn't join other guilds because it was necessary to focus all of your attention on one at a time? I know I have, and its a very strange phenomenon. Where on earth did these "unwritten laws" develop, and how is it that some of us obey them?

Anyways, besides that theorycraft (which you should totally leave your thoughts about xD), I am proud to say that I am now a full fledged member of the Multiplaying community. I won't be playing Aion alongside them (after all, Black Death comes first), but its nice to know that I can be a full member of more than one community ("guild") at the same time.

Now go give the podcast a listen see, nyah see!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Nagging Me...

So check this out, this is Aion's "Official Fansite Program" requirements:
  • Your fansite must be in a completed state before it can be added to the fansite program.
  • Your fansite must provide a short introduction to Aion on its main page.
  • Your fansite must be made for and dedicated to Aion explicitly, and have a dedicated domian or subdomain.
  • Your fansite must be easily navigable and have an appealing design.
  • Your fansite must be more than a blog.
Now first off, I have to give full credit to Thulf from Impetusium for first filling me in on this (so go visit his blog xD). I was going to hold out on talking about this until the third episode of the podcast, but honestly I just can't sit around and watch this continue.

NCSoft, this is ludicrous. There, I said it. Do you have no respect for bloggers at all? I don't mean to sound pompus, but most of the blogs on my blogroll are more active than your "official fansites" and have more up to date news and information. No offense, but most of your official fansites are nothing more than carbon copies of your newsfeed with a forum attached to it. Granted some of them, like Aionsource, are legitimate fansites and should be treated as such. However, to say that my blog isn't worthy of being an offical fansite solely because it is a blog and I don't have a big ol' "Hey this is what Aion is, as if you didn't already know that from the other 1,000 generic introductions about the game!" post, I find seriously insulting.

One of the great things WAR has going for it is its community. There, blogs are treated as equals in comparison to fansites such as Warhammer Alliance. An organization based on cross promotion, the WCPI, was formed. Mythic employees, such as Paul Barnett, even commented on them in videos or made references to them in interviews. To say that blogs aren't equal to fansites seriously isn't cool. Oh, and just for the record, Multiplaying, a multiplatform gaming fansite, has better information about Aion then most of your "official fansites".

The ball is in your court NCSoft. I can live without being an official fansite, but that doesn't mean I'm happy about it. I mean for god's sake, you use Twitter as a primary means of communication. The least you could do is link a few blogs. So, to the reader, what's your take on this?

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

To Tweet or Not To Tweet, That... Is The Question

Earlier this month, Naamah from Aionic Thoughts posted that NCSoft was considering integrating social networking sites, such as Twitter, into Aion. On the positive side, it would make communicating with friends, both within and outside of the game, easier. From the opposite perspective, it kills whatever sense of immersion Aion brings to the table. (Just because people can have 3 feet tall characters and 2 feet wide heads doesn't mean it doesn't distract you from reality some way. XD)

Personally, I'm not for it. I play MMOs to enjoy time spent with virtual friends, so that way I can ignore the existence of my crazy-waffle real life ones. (Yes folks, I have friends, an amazing thought I know.)

So, how do you feel about it? Should NCSoft implement social networking into Aion?