Monday, September 14, 2009

Truely Unacceptable

I'm sorry if you aren't in the mood for a hatorade post folks, but this warrants one. Big time.

Currently, it appears as though Forts will only be accessable during your servers' prime-time hours. Hence, if you don't live in your servers' Time Zone you lose out on the already small chance to enjoy endgame PvP. Hell, I'm being selfish, the poor Aussies don't even have their own bloody server, so they get zero chance to realistically partake in Fort Captures/Defenses due to time differences. Ayase has told us that he doesn't have the official times yet, and a full article is currently in the works... but from what I've read so far, things don't look good. I recently left WAR, and one of the key reasons I chose to come to Aion was to enjoy PvP more. Timeblocked events do not do that for me. Perhaps I'm overreacting and things will come out just peachy keen, but it sure doesn't look that way right now.

For more information, check out this thread on Aionsource.


  1. I couldn't have said this better myself. I have to wholeheartedly agree.
    Definitely not something I even contemplated having to worry about in this game.

    Restricted end game pvp... not my idea of fun. Having to scramble an alliance together with ally's or just the few people on at the time is a challenge and fun. Not a clusterf*** of people always at exactly the same time.

    Granted with 24/7 rotations the prime time would always be full, but at least there would be other options for those who don't hold that schedule.

    I'm so down about this that I can barely type coherently.

  2. Wow... I'm going to brace myself for an offically response in reguards to this. I hope they get enough fire under their asses to NOT let that happen.

  3. Reading through those posts sounds disturbingly like the wanking about Wintergrasp in WoW. The Fortresses allegedly hold PvE content, so bringing them up for capture every two hours would cause serious issue with any of that PvE component - there needs to be appropriate stability.

    I'll bet there's plenty of other active PvP that takes place around-the-clock. There's even the instanced PvPvE zone, that is open for you when you want to go (with a few friends, naturally). Maybe you can't Fortress Raid every day, but a normal work week gives you two goof-off nights to get out there.

    Given the variance of times involved, I'll bet that capture times rotate more widely than they do in Korea. It's an easy component to change, after all. I wouldn't be surprised to see additional capture times pop up after launch (A different set of Forts added in an expansion, for instance, on their own separate timer). One thing's for sure: large-scale PvP is a huge deal to the Aion developers - there's no reason they'd willingly restrain their players from enjoying all their hard work.

  4. I'll just say that I'm really hoping your right Recherche (should I call you that?). I realize that there are other forms of PvP in the game, but the Fortresses are the solid backbone of said PvP.

  5. They did stuff like this in Lineage 2. It's to try and allow guilds to hold onto their stuff easier without having to deal with zergs (mostly from foreign countries) in the middle of the freakin morning.

    Love it or hate it, there is a logic behind this decision. I don't see what the big problem is... then again I have a pretty flexible job schedual!

    You know, now that I think of it, in Lineage 2 it did this, but the time rotated. Maybe the time will rotate for this too, so it gives other people a chance too to get in the action.

  6. Has anyone told you how awesome your name is? Lol

    A time rotation would work also, and I do see the logic behind it. The cons of this current setup just outweigh the pros (to me).

  7. This may be a double-post, but I'm not seeing my first response >.>

    For Aion, I'll be responding to Theladas. Recherche actually refers to my own little subrace of Asmodians (The original writing about them is far removed from Aion, but lines up remarkably well); I just go by Thel.

    And yeah, here's hoping for some flexible PvP solutions. Aion hasn't let me down so far, though: I'm hopeful that they'll conquer this, too.

  8. Ouch. I really can't imagine this going over well. I hope it works out, it might, they do have experience with L2 to draw from, but I know it would drive me a bit bonkers if I had to play around someone else's schedule.

  9. aion_ayase:
    Just got good news. Good news indeed.

    *Chews Fingernails* (Wait.. I don't do that, that's gross... nvm) Hopefully we'll receive some good news today ^_^. I'll try to stay on top of it.