Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Some Advice

First off...
DING 30.

Now then, I'm in no way stating that because I'm level 30 I've magically become some guru of Aion, but I figured now would be a good time to look back and give some short advice to people, just random tidbits here and there. (Holy waffle that was one sentence?! Yeesh XD) Anyways..

  • The quest "[Coin] Nip Spriggs in the Bud" requires you to kill Gatherers and Wardens, not Hunters.
  • If you're willing to take the risk, you can actually run/glide through most of the elite mobs when doing the final stage of the "Destroying the Curse" and chuck the necklace into the lava without having to fight through anything. Bringing a friend with you might make this easier.
  • The quest "Speaking Baluar" asks you to do the following: attack a Draconute (Assaulter?), lower it down to roughly 20%, and then bring it to the quest NPC without killing it. You'll know you've done it right when a cut-scene appears.
  • For "Captured Comrades" just run. The quest doesn't show a timer, but the NPCs appear to despawn after a certain period of time. Just grab your NPC and hoof it over (don't fly) to the checkpoint. Simply CC any mobs that chase you should it prove necessary.
  • The quest "Looking for Leibo" requires you to use an Artifact to reach the island, which requires a key to activate. The key can either be crafted by a 199 Alchemist, or alternatively bought for 150 thousand kinah. (Gee, I wonder which one to pick...)
The Abyss:
  • If you plan on grinding in the Abyss the repeatable quest "Don't Fear the Reaper" is your best bet. The island (which is the furthest South-West one) has a tower, so spawning your personal Kisk there and grinding it out works quite well. Just remember to not aggro the reapers in the air, because they will attempt to stun you for 3 seconds if you are flying, possibly resulting in you falling and taking damage.
  • If you're grinding out in an area with a tower near, going solo is fine. However, if you are attempting quests where you don't have a safety net, going solo is just asking for trouble. (Waffling pigeon flocks <3)
  • CC first, kill later. Make this your mantra in the Abyss. I say this because it it so easy for players to run away, or counter your attacks with their own CC, that keeping control of the situation will be vital to your success. Hence, personally I never DoT my targets as it prevents me from keeping sustained CC effects active.
  • Flight Potions and Flight Speed Scrolls are a must have if you want to be competitive with other players. Using rings to your advantage is great and all, but nothing beats being able to increase your flight time and speed with the click of a button. Note that the Reaper repeatable quest actually gives players a random scroll upon each turn in, so you could get scrolls that way also.
  • If you're getting sick of being owned by the opposite faction (lets face it, it happens to everyone), take some time off from the Abyss and go to a PvE/Rift zone for awhile. Once you've cooled down, head on back into the fray. You need to remember that you're playing this game to have fun, so keeping a positive attitude is important.
  • Undercutting on the Auction House may seem like a simple and splendid way to make a quick buck, but you may be regretting it when the market tanks to sub-par profit levels. Surprisingly enough, if you take the time to whisper your competitors and ask them to sell within a certain price range, most of them will agree. This in turn guarantees mutual benefit, along with keeping the economy stable for future sales and purchases. (Though obviously you won't be able to contact everyone, it is still worth at least trying.)
  • Low on Cash? Grind out mobs that you know drop grey items (like the Reapers ;D). You'd be surprised how much 100 Grey Items can sell for. Also, always try to sell items rather than vendor them. Even white items that you consider useless will probably sell for double the vendor price.
Common Courtesy:
  • Accidents with mobs, nodes, and quest items are bound to happen. However, that doesn't excuse purposely stealing someone's kill/node/item for your own gain. It just isn't cool and shouldn't be tolerated.
  • See someone dead next to you or in need of assistance? Stop watching and start helping! Even if you have to use a rezz stone or risk dying on behalf of some stranger, its the right thing to do and you know it. Who knows? Maybe some time down the road that person will be saving your sorry feathered behind.
(Insert Comment Tips Here):
  • Have something I missed that you feel others should know? Well tell me! I'll post it here for all to see.
  • From Eskavars: Gathering successes and failures are largely based on your skill relative to the item you are gathering. For example, if you are gathering an item that requires 150 skill, and your skill is only 150, you may encounter some trouble. From the opposite side, if you are gathering an item that requires only 100, you shouldn't fail on it whatsoever.
  • From Theladas: Your ability to error on a craft seems to disappear by 10 points over the minimum to craft it. So, if you're planning on crafting some pretty gear at level 28, say, make sure you're at least 10 points above the highest-difficulty item to ensure success on all crafts.
Lol, thanks for taking the time to browse through the post.


  1. More on skill success:
    Your ability to error on a craft seems to disappear by 10 points over the minimum to craft it. So, if you're planning on crafting some pretty gear at level 28, say, make sure that you're at least 10 points above the highest-difficulty item to ensure success on all the crafts.

    Handy tips - I'll definitely be checking back once I get into the Abyss, I r slowwwww...

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