Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Power of Music

Today's article was supposed to be about how once you reach level thirty, the game becomes somewhat grindy. I was going to title the article "Face, Meet Brickwall" and have a funny picture of my character falling to his death onto a stone surface.

I can no longer physically or psychologically write that post. Please, listen to this song as you read to attempt to understand where I'm coming from. Hell, reading this post while listening to this song is practically an insult, my words aren't worthy of accompanying such brilliance.

I just came back from seeing Tommy live, and I literally can't describe how I feel other than "Holy waffle, I just had my mind blown at least three times in one sitting. This man just en-captured almost every genre of music with only a guitar and amplifier right before my eyes." Now then, you're probably thinking "That's great and all... but this relates to Aion... how exactly?", an excellent question.

When it comes to MMOs, unlike most people I tend to keep the in-game music on (unless I'm grinding up into the wee hours of the night). I try to analyze what sort of mood the music is trying to set, because it helps me get more immersed within the game. Sadly, some games (and I'm sorry for beating the dead horse here but...) like Warhammer (again, sorry) just don't have good music to listen to. That really depresses me, because I deeply enjoy listening to the "musical thoughts" of the game's creators. Now, insert Aion.

Aion's soundtrack is overall very well composed. Each zone has its own tone created by the music, which in turn helps me set the mood for when I am reading quests, following story lines, and battling. For example, the song Magma & Beast gives me that urge to slay some Baluar and Pigeons. I think about why the Asmodian's are fighting, and I remember to show no mercy. Images of armies, slaughter, and great glory pass through my head. Its music like this that I'm referring to, music that moves you emotionally, and Aion has it in spades.

Its through the power of music that I can overcome any obstacle or annoyance in Aion. That's why I'm not currently griping about how I have 1.4 million experience to buy back. That's why I'm not disturbed at how many mobs I'm going to have to slay to level up. And, that's why I'm writing this post (well that and I'm currently high on inspiration from Tommy).

Sidenote~ Here are a few other fantastic songs by Tommy, definitely give them a listen.

Angelina (A song dedicated to his youngest daughter)
Beatles Medley (Note how he plays the two different parts of Day Tripper on one guitar, make sure to also watch the Here Comes the Sun link.)
Classical Gas (Just plain awesome)


  1. HOT DAMN. that is some GOOD music. Honestly i had no idea who this guy is/was before you mentioned him. I'll totally listen to him though from now on!! Is that a video you shot btw?

    Be nice to get some of his stuff in game! Though the music is good, i'd definitely prefer this for the Abyss. the uber-techno it does to my ears is much less pleasant.

    I agree that music can totally set an ambiance that can alleviate the most frustrating situation and reinvigorate you fully.

    I dont like games that force you to grind, but Aion definitely helps you to not mind with the graphics and the music. They try to immerse you in doing the unpleasant thing in a very pleasant environment. It works. so far. I'm not 30 yet though so we'll see how long this lasts.

    how's fire temple? will that help the grind go faster in the 30s?

  2. I also had no clue who this guy was until only a few weeks ago when he was mentioned in my Music History class. I guess now I've found a reason for why I go to that class each day, hahaha.

    Nah, the movie isn't mine, its from one of his older concerts, but if our concert does make it onto YouTube I'll put a link up.

    As for Fire Temple, I haven't actually had a chance to hit that up yet, but I'd assume it would grind me up fairly fast.

  3. Age of Conan prob had the best soundtrack I've ever heard in a game. WAR's was ok, but it's ambient sounds were subpar imo.

    Cool to see you mention music Rer : ) I just saw Sunny Day Real Estate and the Jealous Sound this past Monday lol. Totally diff genre, but good tunes all the same. Unfortunately I have not moved my guitars/amps up to Rhode Island yet, so the most of my play time is at the local Guitar Center, they let me lock myself in one of the instructor rooms since one of the kids that works there recognized me from the band I was in.

    Would love to see you do more writings like this one.