Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Well Then... That Went Well

Grinding Sucks.


  1. I'm still in limbo between the two, I'll post updates as the week goes on of whether I'll be returning to Aion or not.

  2. Just play Borderlands. It feels a lot like Diablo 2 (features aren't a lot like it, but the game just has that feel to it... mixed with FPS). It also has a CoD/Halo feel to the FPS combat. I don't know - you gotta try it if you like action RPGs and FPSs though.

  3. I think it is interesting that people get so down on Aion for being grindy. Almost every korean game out there is insanely grindy, just look at RO, RF, etc. I figured that was a given going into this.

    It also strikes me as funny that people complain about the gold spam and bots when only a month or so ago they were complaining about gameguard...what did you think it was for? Have your cake or eat it, choice is yours.

    That being said, if that isn't your style, more power to ya...and I hope you find a game that is more your cup of earl grey. Personally the grind isn't an issue, but potion chuggers in korean games drive me nuts, this one isn't so bad so I choose to stay.

  4. I see Aion blogs dropping like flies. Most of the activity levels are down to nothing for most of the blogroll. Lots of off topic posts on the Aion blogs that are trying to stay active. I could tell the last few weeks that we were losing bloggers.

    I am still enjoying the game. I still think this game will be better than Warhammer. The grind is tough, but its no different than a RL job. You got to put in the time to get promotions, or raises.

    I think the fallout will be huge in Aion. Players tried to talk a big game about who is a man, and can tough out the grind, but even guilds that bragged about being elite have already left the game.

    I plan on sticking this game out, and may end up being the only Aion blog standing in a few months.

  5. @Brian, if your blog is the only one left standing, I think I can live with that. Not saying I don't like the other ones, but your site tends to be a wealth of information.

    I read a guide when I was just starting the game that told me the best way to play Aion was to take a piece of duct tape and cover the tiny sliver at the bottom of your screen so that no xp bar was visible at all. Since reading that I have barely every glanced down at my bar, and find it a lot easier to stick with it.

    I don't let me proximity to the quick noise and golden wings dictate when I log out or what I do while I play, and it seems to be working so far. We will see when I get up into my 40's