Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Aether, Makin' It Rain and Making You Sleep

Today I'd like to discuss Aether. So let's start off with a brief explanation of what Aether is. *Ahem* As per the Aion Wiki: "Aether is the substance Daeva's need to obtain the ability of flight. It stems from the god Aion, and is also the power source of the Empyrean Lords."

Aether is also a core necessity of all the crafting professions in Aion. Potions, Armor, Weapons, Accessories, Food... hell, Aether probably has more uses than the Peanut.

Aether Collection Ranges:

Aether Crystal 100-175 (High-Grade Available)
Aether Gem 200-275 (Greater and Pure Available)
Aether 300+ (High-Grade, Pure, and Brilliant Available)

In order to obtain Aether, Daeva's simply need to look up in any Flight Accessible Zone. Most zones tend to contain Aether in about a 75-125 level range. (In other words, 1-75, 25-100, 75-175, 175-300, etc.) Now, with the magic of bullet points, let's discuss the Pros and Cons of farming Aether.

  • Aether is always needed, so there is always a buying market for it.
  • Since everyone needs Aether, you can make friends fast by sharing it.
  • Its easy to do, and allows the player to perhaps multi-task. For example, I watch TV on Hulu while farming Aether frequently.
  • Its a great way to help you sleep.
  • You may find yourself meeting new people in chat, simply because you have nothing else better to do.
  • Watching paint dry is a step up on the Fun Ladder.
  • The market for Aether is extremely volatile. Prices are constantly in flux and undercutting is rampant.
  • Common mistakes (aka, death) can cut into profits.
So, with all of that in mind I figured I'd also give a few quick tips .
  1. **Don't Overextend Yourself** - You don't have to have that one last Aether! Don't risk dying, play it smart and land safely. I can't tell you how much Kinah I've lost just from telling myself "Oh I can get this last one".
  2. Don't Stop Gathering Non-Skill Ups - Even if it isn't raising your skill, its definitely raising your kinah!
  3. Flight Pots, They Are Your Friend - Plan on taking some of your hard earned Aether and turning it into flight pots. These will be very handy and will actually, in the end, increase your profits by helping you maximize your flight time efficiency.
  4. You Don't Have To Sell Right Away - If the market for your level of Aether sucks, don't sell! People will buy it all up eventually, allowing you to sell your Aether at a good price. Just sit tight and wait for the market to improve.
  5. Sell In Reasonable Stacks - Its easy to have a lot of Aether in your bag, get lazy, and just post it all at once. Don't. Keep your Aether in reasonable stacks of 5, 10, or 15 so it is easily affordable for your buyers.
In conclusion, farming Aether is necessary, can make you rich, and is boring as waffle. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm rather tired. Time to go farm some Pure Aeth...Zzzz.

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