Monday, October 26, 2009

Movin' On Over

To Scenic,!


  1. Arg. I have never posted a comment on any blog. But now I feel I should say that it is annoying when you bloggers move locations. Mostly because you usually move somewhere that is blocked by my work. I can do blogspot and wordpress but pretty much everything else is out. What do you expect me to do at work if I can't read blogs!

  2. Sadly im in the same boat. Everytime a popular blog moves to a more gaming orientated site i have to remove it from my favourites.

    I game at home so i wont be reading anymore. Toodles thanks for the fun :)

  3. Well, in hopes to clear up any fears of the two Anonymouses, Multiplaying is still just a blog. We are just a community blog who's contributors play together. Rer happens to play TF2 with us and has been on our podcast before, so it seemed like a good fit, hence my offer for him to write with us. He's not getting bought out by "the man". =P

    It's based in Worpress so it should still show up (it does at my work, and our corporate IT is ran by nazi's). If not, you can add it to an RSS feed reader like Google Reader and you'll be able to catch all the articles.

    Also, if you want, you can just get the feed from a single contributor if you'd rather not read my rambling of whatever it is I'm playing. =)

    Sorry if his move has inconvenienced any of you, it was all my idea!!

  4. Rer,

    It's alright. In life you must always do things to try to improve, and better yourself. If you don't try new things than you die not knowing what you could of accomplished.

    Just look back at your two blogs as a learning experience, and strive to achieve even more.

    I wish you the best of luck in your new venture.

  5. The same to you friend, the same to you. :)

  6. Heh, we just moved from wordpress hosted to self hosted. if you want to update us on your links :)