Saturday, October 10, 2009

On The Road Again

Que classic song! While spending the weekend with my family traveling the Midwest and visiting different college football games, the thought dawned upon me... we travel a lot in Aion. I haven't actually bothered to record hard numbers, but it seems like a good 5-10 minutes of every hour is spent traveling.

At first I never really noticed (largely because I'm always multitasking with podcasts, vent [... and I just now realized I've had an open mic for the past 20 minutes... Waffle!], music, ... or writing blog posts lol), but we spend an awful long time (and large amount of Kinah) porting, flying, gliding, and walking from point A to point B. To make matters worse, one small slip up and you'll find yourself doing it all over again from your Obelisk point.

So the question arises, how do we allievate this problem? Lucky for us, we have a lot of options.
  1. Make Friends with a Sorc: If you have access to Pandamonieum/Sanctum (via their portal), you can set your Obelisk/Return point to your leveling area, hence greatly reducing your graveyard run and travel time, without fear of being stranded or taking forever to get back to a major hub.

  2. Town Scrolls: At first I wasn't really into these, because I didn't think they were worth their vendor cost. However, upon partaking in discussions with my guildies and trying a few myself, I've come to accept that the time (and portal costs) you save porting around with those scrolls is actually worth it.

  3. Travel Sparingly: Once you arrive in a zone, stay there. Don't suddenly run back to Panda/Sanctum because you forgot to do some trivial errand. The longer you're able to stay in a zone and be productive, the more Kinah you'll save.

  4. Don't Bind to Your Abyss Fort: There's no need to, and here's why. Its free to enter the Abyss from one of the major hubs, but it costs money to go to a hub from the Abyss. Sure, you'll lose 10 seconds having to fly into the portal (/gasp!) but the small amounts of Kinah you'll save will add up.

Well, that's about it for now. I would write more, but I'm dead tired and full of classic Chicago style pan pizza. If there's something that I've forgotten that you think is a good tip (which I'm sure there is), drop a comment!

Pro Tip: Don't try to turn your graphics up on a laptop that clearly can't handle it.

Sidenote~ Anikka, what's up with Sin Healing? If you read this can you leave a comment or shoot me an email?


  1. In fact so far I'm using this traveling time to kill trash mobs and pick up ressource nods to make more money. Sure it's slower but I'm able to keep my gear and crafts up.

  2. Seconds on the closed blog business - whuut?

  3. I saw a post before the closed came up, but it was removed almost immediately so I didn't get to read it, and I already forgot what the topic said.

    It seems to have closed abruptly, and completely. I hope everything is ok.

  4. "Until further notice. Secret service has abducted me and forced me to re-roll. Am I a sorcerer still? Who knows… all that is for certain is that I will not be following Anikka anymore and after I wrap my head around IRL issues I will continue to write/rant about Aion. (Hurray vacation?)

    - V"

    There you have it folks.