Monday, October 19, 2009


No, no, don't freak out.  I'm not quitting the blog.  I just found lonomonkey's post featuring the very overused yet still hilarious Aion version of Hitler's nerdrage to be pretty accurate of how I felt last night.

I went with the guild expecting to have some fun on Rer, only to get /facepalmed by the CrySystem.dll error (aka, memory leak when you render too many players/things) and subsequent crash.  To make matters worse, for whatever reason, my computer completely turns off when Aion crashes.  You can imagine this being a major pain in the butt when I have to reload Steam, Vent, Interwebz, Skype, etc. and then open Aion in Steam (I find communicating with people while playing important/pleasurable).  By the time I had logged back in, the Deity had already been slain.  As you can imagine, some waffling words were thrown about, and I then ragequit vent and crafted for a few hours.

(This is not to be taken as saying Aion is a bad game, simply for humor)

On the bright side, NCSoft does recognize the problem and has stated that they are working very hard to fix it.  They've been timely with issues that Aion has faced thus far, so heres to hoping they continue down that road.  Not to mention Eirikr getting some extra time to craft himself a few awesome armor sets for use later on (stacked w/ +crit! <3).

Sidenote~ If you're looking for me on Steam, I am now officially Rer.
First To Fall has been retired. *Taps is heard in the distance*


  1. Hey Rer *sad apologetic wave* yeah so I bought the game, got a buddy addicted, got their mmo playing family addicted, and generally converted many heathens to the cause... but i'm still a heathen. hmm... you know how, when you have to commit a certain amount of time to something, it kinda dominates your time, well four big games have come out for the 360 (Halo 3: ODST {f-in amazing, though it should have been better, and longer,} Brutal Legend {Fan-fragin-tastic, F-ing awe inspiring, and not to mention, Jack Black called me to tell me to "get my ass to Gamestop and pick up my damn preorder" even more amazing, and the music is Godly} Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 {meh, its marvel so it has to be a little cool, though Gamestop sucked on the promo Juggernaut code} and Badlands which I just picked up last night {it's by 2k the guys who did Army of 2, and it's pretty good, 2 bazillion weapons is beastly. Not done yet so...} Although in the very small amount of time I did play Aion, (a measly 6 hours) I spent customizing my pc's features. So I believe it's already awesome. BTW *when* (not if) I finally get rolling in Aion, why don't we do a podcast if your original doesn't work out, or if you have time in your busy college schedule, I think you me and John Crume should do some regularly released creative work (p-p-p-podcast!!?!) that follows our gamer/cinamafreak/other nerdly qualities. Also: pretty funny stuff. Kinda close to what john and I are going for. Sorry to the real readers of Rer’s blog but bff’s who go to college disappear of the working man’s radar sometimes, and I need an update. Cookie, Crumbles, etc. And the first post had MAJOR typos, but is essentially the same as this one.

  2. TL:DR. XD jk

    Glad to know you're alive man. I actually just joined up with a few different friends to co-host their podcast (not released yet), but I'd still love to do a podcast with you and John if you feel like it.

    Lemme know when you start playing, I have a pocket healer with your name on it. :P

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