Monday, October 5, 2009

The Truth is Revealed... Kinda!

So, today I hit up my first major Fortress assault... and then crashed 30 seconds later. After about seven tries, I finally realized that my computer just couldn't render all of those people. (Easily 100+) I started to think of WAR and became worried... until Aion saved the day once more!

Thanks to an awesome tip from a guildmate (might have been Bel?), I learned that if you press (Shift + F12) you can make it so no characters render other than people that are directly in your group. At first I was apprehensive towards this because I could no longer see my enemy. However, after about five minutes I was used to the adjustment. Name tags will still appear, so if you click where their hitbox would be, you select them. It wasn't perfect, but it did allow me to enjoy endgame PvP without any lag or further crashes, well worth the slight inconvenience.

As for the Fortress itself, I found it enjoyable. Despite the big numbers, it was still possible to pick off strays and enjoy some small PvP within the large battle itself. I have to admit though, my favorite battles were the Open World Abyss fights afterwards. Our guild flew from pigeon point to pigeon point, picking off loose ones here and there. If we stayed in one location long enough, a good flock or two of pigeons would show up, resulting in a fairly major battle. I really enjoyed myself today, despite being easily the most killed (I wasn't known as Firstto Fall in WAR for nothing <3).

So, in conclusion:
  • How have your Fort raids/defenses gone?
  • Have you been forced to Shift + F12 yet? If not, are you going to use it now? (Remember that if you just press F12 your UI disappears, so don't be alarmed by that. Simply press F12 again.)
  • Do you prefer Objective Based fights or Open World?


  1. Sounds great :)

    I haven't done any fortress pvp (mostly since my current computer can't handle it either), but I think I'd prefer open world pvp anyway. Shift-F12 I almost always use in towns, but never in pvp or even pve.

  2. Haven't had to resort to the shift-f12 trick yet. Turning down the graphics to lowest settings still gives me decent visuals with hardly any graphical hitches. I suspect much of my problems are Vista-related and also a possible memory leak they haven't got around to fixing yet.

    The achiever in me prefers objective-based fights but I very much enjoy random open-world PVP as well. Good thing the Abyss is big enough to accommodate both styles.

  3. The nice thing about the Abyss is people have to land somewhere to regain flight time so it breaks it up a little bit, and can give the smaller guilds a chance to pick people off on their way to the fort.