Saturday, September 26, 2009


"Its Big" ~ Rer

If you haven't already been to the Abyss, I won't spoil anything for you... but here's some eye-candy.

This zone, is by far the hugest thing I have ever seen in my gaming career. Not only that, but it is also one of the most visually impressive. Whether I'm farming mobs for experience or killin' pigeons for chicken wings, I can't help but take in some of the beauty of this zone.

From a PvP perspective, the term "zerg" definitely comes to mind. However, because the zone is so big, the zergs are easily avoidable. This allows players to sneak off into smaller scale combat whenever they choose. That's the glory of this zone, all types of PvP are available upon request. As some have pointed out, griefing and ganking does occur every now and then, but if players are willing to put in a little effort, they are easy situations to overcome. I haven't had to chance to assault a Fortress yet (because it'd be a suicide run with such low level characters), so I can't give any comments about those just yet.

Here's Some More Abyss Eye-Candy:

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