Saturday, September 26, 2009

First Instance Experience

So, I finished the Nochsana Training Camp instance a little while ago. It really reminds me of WoW's Scarlet Monastery in that it isn't overly difficult, there are a lot of mobs to kill, and the experience is freaking awesome.
The instance is on an 18 hour lockout timer, so definitely do it whenever you get the chance. Make sure you also grab the three quests for the instance before heading in. The theme is sort of based on what a Fortress raid would be like. You start out killing mobs while working your way to the Artifact outside. Then you go through the main courtyard, and destroy the Aether Field Generator. Finally, you bang down the main door with some siege weapons and face the general. Nothing too difficult.

Should you triumph over these challenges, you will end up with some good loot and easily half a level of expierence. Just make sure that when you are fighting the bosses that no one is dead when they drop, otherwise they won't recieve credit for the kill. (Which in retrospect isn't such a bad thing, because they'll be going back for more experience again later anyways.) The instance shouldn't take you too long, and its a great way to meet new people. Who knows? You may end up meeting some great people, just like I did. (Sidenote: Too many pictures lately, or okay? Drop a comment.)


  1. I just made it to the Abyss today myself. I plan on running the training grounds as much as I can because once you hit 29 you get locked out forever :(

  2. Yep, unfortunate to say the least. So do it as much as you can people. :D

  3. It is great xp too. It gave me 10 bubbles of xp in level 26 for about an hours work, and can be done every 18 hours.

  4. heyo!

    not too many pics. good #, i could do with more honestly, but m aybe put them in as tiny thumbnails so it doesnt get overwhelming. :P

    down in NYC this weekend or i woulda hit 25 friday and been in the abyss too!! (23.75 now)

    So this first instance is only available 25-29, is it both Elyos and Asmo?

    Any tips to offer fellow Sorcs for going in?

    Does the enmity reduction ability act as a detaunt where it reduces your aggro by a %, which means you COULD still have aggro after the effect wears off? or is it a snap detaunt thing where you drop a set amount of threat and it stays off?


  5. Tip for Sorc: Watch where you Blind Leap XD XD. That and always open with Curse of Roots rather than Delayed Blast in the Abyss. I tend to fly high and mighty by using the rings over and over and having a healthy supply of pots with me.

    As for is it Asmo/Elyos, I honestly I don't know. Though I could assume it is because isn't Eyeball a pigeon?

  6. hey, Rer. I have a question regarding the collection. How is the success and failure's determined? i am only a lvl 5 priest just started today

  7. Successes and failures are largely determined by your skill relative to the item you are gathering. I have however noticed that random failures and epic successes will occur. (Putting this on the tips page also)