Monday, August 31, 2009

Podcast Updates... Again!

Black Wings of Atreia - Episode #2 - Now Boarding Flight: Aion Airlines, 101!

The hosts discuss Community Feedback, News, Patch 1.5, and the Week in Review.

Ari and Desi discuss Open Beta and Corrections, give a Community Shout-Out, Answer Feedback, and give some Class Overviews.

As always, the Abyss follows its same agenda of News, Clean Up, Mail Call, Basic Training, Music Break, The Main Topic, and then Zephyr Delivery. Another great episode.

Show notes to come later. There's some Batman, Aion, TF2, and other stuff... (I mean c'mon, if they don't have their shownotes up what else am I supposed to type? XD)

All shows are also available via iTunes.

My apologies for not posting lately, not too much to talk about unfortunately. Once Open Beta begins and the game is released, I'll be able to write more.


  1. From the Black Wings podcast:

    "Click to move automatically disabled"


    I liked the conversation about healing to. I plan on playing a Chanter and I think being able to use the targeting system well is going to be what makes or breaks a good healer in Aion.

  2. OMG you almost made me cry *hugs you lots*

    Thank you :)

    Currently listening - and yeah, I would like to stab whoever thought the targeting system was a good idea.

  3. *During Ari's hug*

    *Hurk* Can't.... breathe!!! *Face goes blue* Need... air!

  4. *Slurms slowly back out of the room during hugfest*