Monday, August 17, 2009

I R T3h Sadness

[Children:] So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, good night
[Marta:] I hate to go and leave this pretty sight

[Children:] So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, adieu
[Friedrich:] Adieu, adieu, to yieu and yieu and yieu

[Children:] So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, goodbye
Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye

[Microsoft Sam:] Sadface, :(

Well folks, that about wraps things up for Aion's final Closed Beta. Our characters are only but a lovely memory. So naturally, now we need to find a way to keep ourselves from going insane while we anxiously await Aion's release. We have a few options...
  1. Play Other Games: I know that personally I'll be playing a lot of CoD4 and TF2 while listening to Aion Podcasts.
  2. Go Uber-Fan-Boi: Zomg I can't stop reading stuffz bout Aion best game evur!!!!!! I R t3h forum top ranking poster and i has full knowledge of game. I pwn ur nubsauce.
  3. Try This Thing Called "Real Life": Meh... can't really recommend it. Not enough PvP.
Seriously though, do at least shower. Its been what... 3-4 days?


  1. As the leader of our awesomepants guild/legion ... I mandate that you may not ever comment on showering.

    I am also very, very sad. Without Aion is almost as if somebody removed something from the lower section of my body. I am unable to get it up now... it is almost as if I was part of the server... part of the world. Now that the server is down, so am I.


    On a brighter note... OPEN BETA is just down the road!

  2. I guess I'll go with option 1, I'll be playing some TF2 on xbox live, probably Half-Life too... And why not take a trip down memory lane and start a new game in A Link to the Past :P