Thursday, August 13, 2009

Off Topic: The War On Video Games

Yeah, I know this is a blog about Aion. I realize you probably come here to read up on information, or perhaps get a quick chuckle out of my horrid humor... but from time to time, you should also come to expect a few "Off Topic" posts. They will always be about Video Games in some way, but not necessarily related to Aion.

So, today's Off Topic post is about: The War On Video Games. Everyone knows that this has been going on for some time now, the dispute over the supposed link that children playing violent video games increases their chances at becoming a violent criminal or murderer.

I could go into a long discussion about how this is utter bullwaffle... but I think I've found two gentlemen who can do that better than I can.

Penn and Teller

Now before you go thinking about anything else, I want you to know that while this show has been known to be humorous... the end of the show is far from it. So, if you're able, take 30 minutes and go watch the episode. I can certainly say that the world would be a better place if some politicians and lawyers watched this show more often.

Side-Note: Yeah, three posts in one day, I realize that's a bit excessive. Once the game releases, I probably won't be posting so much. (Unless you want me to post that much... O_o) I just felt very strongly about this issue, and I enjoy sparking conversation with people.

Update: Sorry folks, the videos have been removed from Youtube.

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