Wednesday, August 26, 2009

People's Progessions Into Aion...

are really rather strange. The process is almost universal. (Though obviously there are exceptions) You begin with apathy and misinformed stereotypical hatred, and then somehow end up buying the Collector's Edition and starting up a fan site, blog, or podcast. There are just two things I can't seem to figure out.

First is the middle part of the process. Where along the line did I, along with many others, go from blind and stupid discontent to fan-boism, borderline obsession? What changed our minds? Was it the positive reviews, movies, blogs, podcasts, and betas? Perhaps it was coming off of a lackluster gaming experience, whether it be due to boredom or a sub-par game?

Second, why did we start the process with such misinformed stereotypical hatred? How could we fool ourselves into a false sense of truth? Was it the fact that the game originates in the East, and hence must be an anime grind-fest? Did we buy into some cheap review from a gamer who only gave the game five minutes of their time and then considered themselves an expert? Perhaps we gave into our previous gaming experience and simply allowed ourselves to believe that this MMO would just be more of the same?

I dunno, I suppose I'm just writing this because I love Theorycraft. Nonetheless, I am very curious of your thoughts on this, even if this doesn't pertain to your experiences at all (in which case you should tell me I'm a moron for considering this a universal process <3). Sidenote- WTT Soul For Official Press Release On When Open Beta Will Occur, PST.


  1. Well, I have to disappoint you hon. I, for one, started out in love with the game, and certain of my class.
    From the one promo video I saw almost two years ago now - I've been waiting for this game, never once having even a hint of hatred for it.

    This game for me, promised the graphics I've missed in mmo's of late, and a tried and true company. Maybe I was a little naiive and just crossed my fingers hoping for the best, but I'm happy to see I didn't lead myself to disappointment.

    I think a large part of people hate of games they do not know yet, comes from a deep seated belief that they are right, and therefore nothing could possibly be better than the games we are currently playing.

    Not our fault really - we're rather stubborn creatures.

  2. I basically talked about all that in my blog on how I was anti-aion, and refused to even look at any website, blog, video, or podcast. I thought I really loved WAR, but once I canceled, and got bored in less than 24 hours I started looking into Aion, and end was like a book you can't put down. Everything seems perfect.

  3. The one thing that still amazes me is how "blind" some people become once they cross the line and become true fanbois, starting to talk everyone down who raises an issue/argument. I'm still not convinced that Aion will be THE MMO for years to come, but will keep us entertained and busy for a while - which in my book is enough to pay a monthly fee.

  4. I dont know what to tell you either lol. I know that I have wanted to play the game from the very first time I saw a screen shot of it. I went through all of you on vent ragging on the idea of playing an "Angel" based game. I had planned on playing without all of you and still spending time in WAR with you guys.

    I am very thankful that you all finally took a look at it and like/love it as much as I do.

    I would assume that it is a combination of all the things you have listed, from being stubborn and not wanting to look at a new game with the hopes of the one you are currently playing will suddenly make a 360 and become the game you knew it could be.

  5. I had no desire for Aion at all. I didn't give it a second look... until... WAR kinda faded for my guildies and missing them was the biggest factor and Aion is simply well timed. I had little expectations for that last Closed Beta weekend and the game blew me away. So for me, it was the game that proved itself to me, even at that newbie level. I am all about Aion now!

  6. I found out my reason this morning: I had a strong doubt about this game for the first while for the following reasons:

    A) thought it'd be like the F2P korean games
    B) It had too much hype to be a wow killer, like AoC and WAR
    C) The default graphics did not impress me
    D) The game SEEMED too linear, but I was looking in the wrong places.

    By the wrong places, I mean that I was looking for traditional nonlinearities, such as talent trees, a pathless zone, etc. The more I got into the game, the less it looked like a WoW-copy and the more original it became. I started to realize *hmm it's not so linear after all..* Also realizing that my old single core system with an ATI 3850 could run the game on high settings blew my mind..