Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A New Beginning... Again!

Hello World!... Again!

Yes its me, your old pal Firstto Fall from (Insert Clever WAR Name) a Warhammer Online Blog. As I previously announced, I've decided to move onto (hopefully) greener pastures with Aion. Along with my move, I've decided to return to my more well known alias, Rer ("Rare"). I'll be experimenting with classes during the next closed beta, but I think I'm pretty settled with the Ranger.

Sure, everyone keeps saying its an extremely annoying grind for the first 20 or so levels... but if I come out all the stronger for the endgame, I figure it's worth it.

As always, I'm big on getting to know my fellow gamers and community members. So, please PLEASE... seriously please QQ, leave comments if you have the time. I always enjoy reading your opinions and thoughts.

Before I go, I've decided to continue the tradition of the WCPI (Warhammer Community Promotion Initiative) with Aion. So make sure to check in from time to time to discover some awesome blogs, fan-sites, and podcasts.

On a Side-note, Happy A Few Minutes Late Birthday Bro!
That's all for now, come back soon!


  1. Welcome to Aion, Rer and welcome to Aion blogging. I loved your WAR blog and I am happy to see you on board for Aion!

  2. Thanks man! Glad to be here, huge fan of Aionic Thoughts.

  3. Shush...I was a WoW blogger as well... (www.bewaresplinters.blogspot.com)

    Hopefully we can both thrive in the Aion community - Happy writing!

  4. Welcome to the wonderful world of Aion. I used to read you WAR blog because I, too, was a WAR player. I've also added you to my blogroll because I'm sure you can do something good with this. Keep up the good work.

  5. Thanks for the love guys, appreciate it.

  6. I, today, have also followed my guild and placed my preorder on Aion. Looking through random videos and interviews, I definately am starting to get very excited. That with the backing of people who have already played the betas makes me feel even better. Cross our fingers and hope this MMO doesn't let us down like the last string of "fails"

    Looking forward to seeing you on the playfield firsto err Rer.