Thursday, August 13, 2009

Sippin' On Hatorade

Mmm, nothing quenches my thirst more than Forum Flamin' Fruit Punch, Hatorade's best flavor by far.

Seriously though, what's with the hate? I'm touring different forums, such as the Ranger Forums on, and roughly sixty percent of the threads are covered in mindless, insulting comments.

"L33t players" are drowning out legitimate posts asking basic questions with "get lost newb", "go roll another class", "stupid question", etc. I mean c'mon, is that really necessary?

In case some people haven't noticed, a lot of people haven't had a chance to play Aion yet, myself included. Perhaps I'm a bit out of touch, but aren't forums where you are supposed to ask questions, and then (hopefully) receive answers?

Judging from the responses, evidently not. Worst of all, some people are actually purposefully trying to drive people away from classes so their gear won't be so expensive on the Auction House... I mean that's just a whole new level of pathetic.

I realize that forum flamers are nothing new, but I've never seen them as bad as this before. (Then again... I never dared look at WoW's forums) With any luck, once the game finally releases and people start enjoying the game, this negativity will dissipate. /shrug

Update: One of the worst flamers, a Ranger who will remain nameless, was banned from Aionsource. This pleases me.

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