Tuesday, August 11, 2009


I'm going to do my best to calm the up-rise that seems to be appearing over this issue.

This is a direct quote from Ayase:
Aion is and will remain a subscription-based game. The "micro-transactions" I know have been discussed so far only involve lesser additional services, rendering "micro-transaction" a fairly erroneous word to describe it. Overall I think we're looking at a fairly conventional subscription system, but as the reply in the interview states we aren't at a stage in planning yet where we can tell you exactly what we'll have. Rest assured that it wouldn't make sense to anyone to have a game which requires both micro-transactions and a subscription fee to be played decently.
So from what I gather, the term "micro-transaction" in this case probably will result in a few of these:
  • Server Transfers
  • Name Changes
  • Character Re-customization
  • Elyos/Asmo Transfer (Iffy obviously)
  • Vanity stuff (Maybe, because I doubt most people would pay)
  • Etc.
So calm down, I highly doubt they'll put in anything too controversial. <3

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  1. I would pay for Vanity Stuff! =) BTW this is Bryan Crow (Ordocorvi) from Aion's Wrath! Thanks for the link! =)